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  • Custom Program

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For anyone seeking a custom made training program and nutrition plan, this program is for you. Whatever your fitness and health goals are—from losing fat and looking good, fixing your hormones and building muscle and strength—this personalized plan will be a way for you to experience long-term health, as well as happiness with your body and mind.

I’ll be creating a unique custom training and nutrition program that is based on your specific goals, preferences and overall lifestyle, to ensure that you’re not only reaching those goals, but also doing so in a way that enhances your health and longevity in an enjoyable way. 

My custom training and nutrition program is for people who are 30+ years old that have a busy working and family life who can only train a few days a week but still want to get amazing fat loss results while staying healthy all year round.

For this 1-on-1 monthly coaching, you’ll receive my utmost support in this process with 24/7 email access, monthly calls and updates. This is a 3-month plan and I'm only looking for people who are serious about achieving their goals. Our initial time will serve as a way for you to get started on your journey as I stay present every step of the way to empower you.

Schedule a 15-minute FREE coaching call with me so I can get to know you and your needs.

  • Program Includes
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Your own personal macro split of protein, carbohydrates and fat that is tailored towards your goals and your lifestyle
  • Vegan option available
  • Customized workout and long-term food plan
  • Your own cardio program
  • Learn how to break through plateaus
  • 24/7 direct email access
  • Private FACEBOOK Group
  • Exercise selection geared towards the individual (I can work around injuries, lagging body parts or if your gym doesn’t have certain equipment)
  • Supplement recommendations, what are scams and what can be useful (I will tell you the best supplements to use for muscle building, losing fat, pre-workout & also general health and longevity)
  • Learn how to easily track your macros
  • Intermittent fasting protocol
  • Gut health protocol
  • Learn how to enjoy travel and social events without derailing your progress
  • Weekly progress check-in
  • I'll also give you my Gladiator Program 2.0 e-book, valued at $325.97, for free!

Schedule a 15-minute FREE coaching call with me so I can get to know you and your needs.

Let's talk

Client Testimonial

"From the very beginning, he really focused on techniques and he broaden my perspective in terms of training..."

-Maria Mesa


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